Saturday, September 26, 2009

On the road again..

Danger! Danger!

Having got back from Warsaw on Thursday I set off for Montreal on Friday. This is the start of an eight city North American tour. This has really put paid to my painting, which is a shame as I was just getting back into it after a few fallow weeks. Don't think there is much to see on the military front for the first week as I will be too busy, but you never know what will turn up.

One good thing; the hotel I am staying with has an Absinthe bar and I have just met up with an old girlfriend...and everyone knows that Absinthe makes the heart grow fonder...


  1. skive & nip up to Quebec & see the plains of Abraham & the Battle of Quebec! direct coach from Montreal! look at web site

  2. Groan....

    Absinthe?? If it's the real stuff you'll also be seeing green and fluorescent orange worms coming out of her ears.... which might be interesting...!

    Can we have tasting notes for the Boréale Rousse, please.. :o)