Sunday, September 13, 2009

Back from Colours...

Guy enjoys playing with the re-enactors' medieval swords but the really cute medieval baby is less impressed..

I'm typing this in between desperately trying to finish six Beja for my Sudan game tomorrow. It's going to be touch and go but as each bit dries I can write a paragraph or two...

The Warlords Zulu game. One day...

I'm just back from Colours where I seen to have spent quite a lot on not much really. I didn't really get into it this year. My little boy, Guy, thought it wasn't brilliant this year either and he especially felt that the demonstration games were a bit dull. That said he liked the 1/35 WW2 Game and I liked the Warlords Zulu game but I thought the standard of painting and scenery in games this year wasn't so good. The show seemed quieter too, given that we always go on the Sunday, and I didn't think the car park was so full. When I was there I was the only person at Dave Thomas' stall (he was there!) and usually you have to fight to get in there.

So what did I pick up and how much of it did I intend to buy?
On the list

Another pack of Wargames Factory plastic Zulus. WF picked up my review on my Zulu blog and put it in as a news item on their website! Built a few this evening whilst watching the dinner.

Some of Musketeer Miniatures new Goths. These will mean that I have to start a Late Roman Army, however! Bill promises Russian command by Warfare in November and possibly even some Swedish cavalry. Right.

Fantastic interior detail from Grand Manner

A couple of summers ago I ran into Grand Manner's Dave Bodley at Butser Ancient Farm. I said to him then that when he produced a model of a Celtic roundhouse like those at the farm I would buy one. So I was very glad to have the opportunity today! The first of quite a few of his new Celtic range, I suspect. It's so lovely that I may fast track this.

I bought six packs of Perry Miniatures Sudan figures. This time, mainly, the new Indian army figures. Not right for my El Teb and Tamai armies but too nice to resist.

North Star spears. Not on the list per se but I always buy a few.
Finally, four packs of Empress Miniatures Zulu War British and the new Zulus with rifles. Irregular horse are next it seems.

Not on the list

Firstly, I bought a nice Moria-type Dwarf statue from a new firm to me, Dreamholme Scenics. I was really, really tempted by their Dark Age great hall at £160. One day...

Some Artizan WW2 Eighth Army. Guy and I have been talking about this for some time. Just one pack to see how I get on. They look nice, though.

Not on my list from Grand Manner was a very nice gabion gun emplacement. Just perfect for my Bicorne ECW cannon I picked up a month or so ago.

They weren't on my list but I have bought some before so I picked up another four Miniature Wargames cds which should relieve some pressure on my shelves as the hard copies go into the loft.
From Dave Thomas I got two packs of the Artizan Spartans as now they are being produced by Gorgon in the US they are not easy (or cheap) to get hold off.

Also at Dave Thomas I picked up a pack of DeeZee crocodiles. Useful for Darkest Africa and Lost Worlds.
So that was it. Several hundred pounds but nothing really exciting, apart from the roundhouse. Starting this may be much easier now that I am spray undercoating. Unfortunately next week I have to go abroad for three and a half weeks on another grand tour so there won't be much painting done. I may do a some bits this week, probably Zulus...


  1. interesting review, opted to go to the Commemoration of the 250 yrs since battle of quebec instead at Westerham. 8th army stuck with plastic for this as easier to get hold of tanks and aircraft plus excellent metal crew figs in 20mm for LRDG & tanks also simple colours to paint etc. Desert war best theatre for WW2 wargaming....recommend for nostalgia getting the Quarrie & sanders Airfix mag guides from the 70's on the 8th army & Afrika korps.yet another project and interest!

  2. "Dave Andrews"? Do you mean Dave Thomas? Andrews is 50% of the blokes who sculpt Great War Miniatures. Thomas is the little chap who looks a bit like a third Perry twin and runs the large stand at shows.

    I went to Colours a couple of years ago but it's a real pain to get to from the east end, as invariably there are engineering works on the railway etc. It is good for shopping though, as less manic than Salute. Are you going to SELWG? That will be my next shopping spree.

    Incidentally, I spent yesterday taking an inventory of my wine cellar (or the large under-the-stairs cupboard that passes for a cellar..). It's amazing what you find when you have a good root around - a bit like the leadpile!

    Best wishes


  3. I was also looking at that Dark ages great hall and thought it was a fantastic model and I do not even do that era. That stall or the one next to it also did some v nice resin wicker sided wagons, one empty and one filled with straw. I thought they could be utilsed in the Peninsula. I was also looking at a fairly compact 28mm fortified manor which I thought could be used in numerous eras. I only bought a few figures - the new British napoleonic light infantry and the rifles command set which is superb. The rest paints, flags etc.

  4. Legatus - we are as one - I thought it was a little flat as well this year.. having said that still an excellent show, lots of traders, millions of little metal men - what's not to like!

  5. Giles you are right. I get them muddled up. Like I get Miniature Wargames and Wargames Illustrated muddled up. And Donna Air and Cat Deeley. And Slovakia and Slovenia. And all the people in my firm called Martin (which is mor
    st of them)

  6. Can you please post some pictures of the Musketeer Miniatures, Goths, which you purchased.

    Damn shame I missed Colours :o(

  7. I'm travelling around North America for the next 10 days but will post some pictures when I get back.