Thursday, March 18, 2010

Doing a bit more painting...

Vilnius Cathedral this morning (strictly, Vilniaus Šv. Stanislovo ir Šv. Vladislovo arkikatedra bazilika)

I don't know why it never occurred to me that it would be snowy in Vilnius in mid-March. I've been here enough times to know that it gets blooming freezing (-25C the first time I came here) but perhaps I thought that by now it would have become a bit more Spring like. Anyway, everything was still covered in snow when I flew in yesterday and it snowed again quite hard last night. It's now nine o'clock at night (two hours ahead of London time) so I thought I ought to get something down on the blog, especially as I found a few pictures on my camera which I can put up here. In truth, I'm waiting for my friend Ringaile but as she is always late I might as well sit and type whilst drinking a Vodka (very good, Lithuanian vodka) Martini and eating too many nuts.

Ideal complement to blogging. Vodka Martini, nuts, olives and a nice fire. Now all I need is a six foot tall Lithuanian girl...

I've done very little painting over the last six weeks as I am just starting up a new company with a friend and its taking up all our time at present. Can't say that we have actually made any money yet but its looking very promising. Stressful but exciting. If you are the mayor of a major city and need an Oystercard type travel card system, or are a defence minister and need a national command and control system do let me know!

Mutineer Miniatures 53rd Foot

Anyway, last weekend I did get some painting done as I attempted to reduce the number of half painted figures on my desk. I had some success on Saturday as I finished seven of the Mutineer Miniatures Indian Mutiny figures. I've now done eight and have twenty four more on the go. I used the new(ish) Citadel Dead Grass on these which looks quite good.

Mutineer mutineers

I haven't decided which unit the mutineers belong to so haven't given them a number on their hats yet. I am reading Saul David's Indian Mutiny but it's taken about 120 pages before we have had any wargameable action yet. Once I have a better feel for what units were where and who they fought against I can work out what units to paint.

Fancy a jolly roger?

The other big timewaster in the evening, when I could at least be painting some base colours, is that my little boy has got me hooked on Pirates of the Caribbean: the online game. I have never been a computer gamer; I tried Tomb Raider once but found it very boring. All the games Guy has seem too fast moving and complicated for me! I do own one Playstation game (Alias) but that's only because my friend J was the motion capture body double (for Jennifer Garner) for it and I've never managed to play that either.

The lovely J was a respectable infrastructure journalist by day, computer games body double and actress by night! Here she has to interview the Legatus when he was at least two stone heavier, in Berlin a few years ago. Maybe I won't have any more nuts!

Anyway, as a result of all this piratical nonsense I decided to paint up some more pirates and finished this Black Scorpion pirate girlie last weekend as well. I also finished another five Force Publique Belgians and should get another ten done by the end of the weekend hopefully. Guy is keen to have a wargame over Easter so we might do a Legend of the High Seas or Darkest Africa game. Anyway, Ringaile is slinking across the bar and I have just ordered a third Vodka Martini so it could be time to stop...

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  1. good to hear an update...gone & set up own company then....I'm going that way public sector is decidly 'unfunny' currently with 'reapply for own job' phase! enough going on outside to consider consultancy route in funding & community development...this also holds up modelling & painting hopefully an hour or two this weekend for alcohol a little less sophisticated having just downed a 'Thwaites' strong brown ale!!