Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Schleswig-Holstein infantryman

I am nothing if not easily influenced so when I saw Matt's latest posting about his lovely Schleswig figures I spotted that I had one of his Schleswig infantryman undercoated at the back of the workbench.
"I know, I'll finish it now!" I thought, putting on some Carl Nielsen to listen to. Lo and behold I had him finished in the time it took to listen to his first two symphonies and the Helios overture.

I found him easier to paint than the Dane and in a way, as the figures are very slight, it was almost like painting one of the bigger 20mm plastics. Its amazing how having finer proportions means less area to cover and, consequently, quicker painting. I have another seven Schelswig infantry (and a lot more Nielsen to listen to) so they will be filed and based tonight.

Since the advent of the Black Powder rules I am looking at nineteenth century wargaming much more again so maybe its ime to build a unit or two.

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