Thursday, January 06, 2011

Year End and plans for 2011

I did manage to get a bit of painting done over Christmas and finished these 26 Foundry Darkest Africa British Askaris (for more about them see my Darkest Africa blog). This sort of makes up for the fact that 2010 was my least productive year since records began, with only 148 figures completed compared with 212 last year.  29 of these were Darkest Africa figures of one type or another and if you add on the 25 Zulu Wars and 14 Sudan figures I completed it was very much an African themed year.  Other than these, Lord of the Rings, Carthaginians and Wars of the Roses were the only other periods where I got into double figures.

Looking back to my plans for 2010 I did predict my main efforts would be for the Zulu War, Sudan War, Darkest Africa (although I didn't get any Masai done), Punic War and Lord of the Rings. The real period I failed to progress was WW1  but Keith at the club is keen to do some WW1 games this year so that may encourage me a bit. 

Looking forward it will be more of the same but I would add that I would like to get more Indian Mutiny figures done.  I have a unit of 20 well on the way so if I lose my current enthusiasm for Darkest Africa I will do some of those (and some Normans) as a change.

This years travel starts up again in a couple of weeks time with a visit to Turkey.  I will try to restrict my travel a bit more this year.

Now I have to take down Christmas as my wife and children tend to go a bit mad on the Christmas tree front.  It usually takes about eight hours to dismantle!

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