Monday, January 16, 2012

2012 Plans and 2011 Review

My Darkest Africa British force: completed last year

As is traditional (and as I haven't managed a post for some time) I will post a quick review of the year and my plans for 2012.

I only managed 144 figures this year, which is four less than last year but most of these (98 figures) were Darkest Africa ones done at the beginning of the year.  None of the other contingents reached double figures with Zulus and Normans the most numerous. Frustratingly, I have around 30 figures nearing completion and I might have a chance to do some this weekend.  Sunday is my main painting day but latterly they have all be taken up with the childrens' various rowing, shooting, dancing, fencing and Duke of Edinburgh activities.  My wife also has a new part time job which has landed me with more domestic stuff on top too.

Darkest Africa was supposed to be my main activity for 2011 and the other area I wanted to progress was the Indian Mutuny.  I have painted a lot on a 20 man unit but haven't finished them yet. Given that my painting time is so restricted I think I might do more character pieces for skirmish games this year and at present Argonauts are looking likely, given Foundry's new figures and their forthcoming rules, Tribes of Legend.

The mighty Heracles and his doner kebab

I finished a Foundry Heracles yesterday, the first figure I have completed for some months, and started some more Foundry Argonauts today.  Although their armour is wrong for the pre-Trojan War quest for the Golden Fleece I have decided that the Gods have given them armour from the future or, perhaps, designed armour that will later influence Classical Greek styles.

I have bought quite a lot of figures this year, although most have been for armies I am already collecting. I did buy some of the Warlord Thirty Years War Plastics but haven't painted any yet.  The Perry plastic Ansar are very nice indeed and actually nicer, I think, than the metals, in some ways.

On the rules front I bought Hail Caesar, Clash of Empires and Saga, all of which look interesting.  I am interested in getting the new Warhammer gladiatorial combat set too.  I watched the two Spartacus TV series which were, on the whole, very silly but painting gladiators is pretty quick so I will dig a few more of these out.

Figures I like the look of but haven't bought (yet) inlcude the John Jenkins Portuguese conquistadores, the Crusader late Crusaders and the new plastic Teutonic Knights from Italy's Fireforge.

Not too many new periods were started but I did enjoy painting the Copplestone 15mm fantasy figures.  With The Hobbit now on the horizon I am tempted to start some new Lord of the Rings characters. I don't have the full Fellowship painted so a Gimli is probably next.

I have now realised that I have far too many unpainted figures and I am starting to offload them on eBay as I am desperate for the space.  First to go are all my Warhammer figures, of which I had far more than I realised!  Next to go will be Foundry Ancient Egyptians.

My international travel was much more limited this year, I am glad to say, with trips to Ankara, Istanbul (twice), Singapore, Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, Taipei, Kuala Lumpur and Paris (three times). I am getting really frightened of getting on planes now so prefer to travel by train if at all possible.

I did very well at losing weight in the second half of the year (well over a stone) but I have put some back on as I am having difficulty exercising due to a leg injury.  Never mind, got back on the bike a few days ago and am looking forward to the Olympic road cycle races coming past the end of my road.  As for the Olympics I am also going to the fencing, the rowing and the mens 1500m final in the stadium.  Sadly, I didn't manage to get tickets for the womens beach volleyball.


  1. A good summary Sir! I like your darkest africa stuff - looks like a contender for Gaslight rules or do you have something else in mind? The Kebab is wonderful - made me LOL!

  2. These will be used with Chris Peers Darkest Africa rules. Never played Gaslight...