Monday, January 30, 2012

Jason and the Argonauts!

 Atalanta, Zetes, Jason, Cepheus, Herakles and Argus

Well, this year's skirmish project will be Jason and the Argonauts using the Steve Saleh sculpted Foundry figures.  I have finished six now and have another five on the way.  I had already painted Herakles and Atalanta but the other four have been done in the last week. 


The story of the quest for the Golden Fleece is set, of course, in the Bronze Age.  I intend to have my Argonauts in classical Greek armour with iron swords, as they have been gifted by the Gods.  Their opponents may well be more Bronze Age in appearance.  Or not, depending on how I feel!  Most of the new Foundry Greek mythological figures seem to owe more to the classical period than the Bronze Age. 


This is my first fantasy force outside of the Lord of the Rings.  The latter, however, is almost like an historical period, given the painting guides, rules and attributes of the figures provided by Games Workshop.  With the Argonauts I will need to create more stuff myself.


Inevitably there will be a seperate blog for this project and indeed it is here, although there is very little on it as yet.


I have ordered The Foundry Tribes of Legend rules from Amazon but there seems to be some delay on them.  I am enjoying painting these a lot so far.

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