Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Oh no! I'm going to play a wargame!

I've agreed to go along to Guildford Wargames club on Saturday and participate in a demonstration game as part of the celebrations of the fortieth anniversary of the hall that the club uses.

Appropriately, given the news this week, it will be a Wars of The Roses game so my rather Hobbit-like Foundry figures will get another outing.  They must be my most used army!  We will be using WAB2, which I have never played so need to look at as, I think, it changes maximum rank bonus from four down to three which will effect the shape of my units.  

I'm excited to get some figures on a table but terrified of the actual gaming bit as usual.  Also, I repainted some figures from my Earl of Oxford's army for Guy's mini-Bosworth a few years ago so will have to get them off their bases and, possibly, re-paint their livery.  I'm out on Friday night so only have two evenings to do it!


  1. Good luck with the game! Pre match nerves....your figures look good!

  2. Eye of the Tiger Legatus. Get some good pics for us please.

  3. Great to hear your are getting a game in Sir! Best of luck.

  4. Careful not to drop any figures in the car park on the way in - they may get buried...