Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Off to the dentist...

I've never had any problem with my teeth.  I have one filling caused by an impact when foolishly playing rugby at school (one reason I took up archery) and a chipped front tooth caused by a collision while attempting a kiss during over-enthusiastic girl on top sex with one of my university redheads.  But recently one of my wisdom teeth broke on an olive stone (yes, it was from a Martini).  I was hoping my whizzy dentist could fix it but he just tut-tutted and said the dreaded words: "It'll have to come out!"  I instantly glanced at the knob on the surgery door as that, no doubt, is where they will tie the string.  I gather they will give me an anaesthetic, which is even more painful than the procedure itself.

Not looking forward to it!


  1. Lie back and think of England!

  2. You will be fine, it will be over with quicker than the experience with the enthusiastic redhead-hopefully!

  3. Most interesting series of blogs, I will have to link you up!


  4. John - can't think why you haven't already..

    Not a lot of people know that Legatus is actually a secret agent - works for MI6 you know.....

  5. Had a tooth out recently!

    Anyway! How's the figure painting going? :-)