Thursday, May 16, 2013

Dambuster's raid 70th Anniversary

Others have posted about the anniversary of the Dambusters raid today, on the seventieth anniversary of the event (the post on Trouble At T'Mill blog is very good), so I will confine myself to posting this picture I took of the Battle of Britain Lancaster doing a flypast at an event my father in law organised a few years ago.

I saw it again on Bank Holiday Monday  doing no less than four flypasts at the Royal Yacht Squadron where he had booked it again for a Dunkirk Little Ships lunch in the Castle.  A splendid sight and an even more splendid noise.  My daughter has actually been in the cockpit of this, when she went on a CCF week at RAF Scampton.

My mother bought me a DVD set of four British War films a few years ago and so far the only one I have watched is Ice Cold in Alex but I notice that The Dam Busters is in the set too so I know what I am going to be watching tonight!


  1. Thanks for this, I hadn't realized. I shall have to watch this as well.


  2. She's a beatuiful old gal... and a wonderful sound of those 4 merlin engines...
    Enjoy your movie!

  3. I've had the pleasure of seeing the Lanc at several air-shows and she really is a beauty.

  4. Visiting David Maltby's grave tonight at Wickhambreux as a mark of respect to the crews who took part.