Friday, May 17, 2013

My wife is for sale on eBay!

 The old bat (centre of the three)

My son was searching for something about my father in law on Google today and found that some site in America is selling two pictures of my wife (and sisters) on eBay !

The old bat (right)

This, I have to say, is one of the odder discoveries I have made on l'autoroute electronique, as (actually rather splendid) Canadian mother in law probably would never express it (she makes the Queen sound working class).

Who'd pay £18 for a picture of my wife?  Weird!

Not got on very well with painting this week.  I am off on travels again tomorrow and not back until June, so probably no updates on the blog until later. 


  1. I love it. So much for 6 degrees of separation . . . .

  2. How strange! Must rummage around in the loft and stick some old holiday snaps on eBay!!

  3. Is the mrs going to buy her pics? Stonehenge is a great book btw!