Thursday, September 19, 2013

It's International Talk like a Pirate day!

Swipe me with a marlinspike if it don't be talk like a pirate day again, me hearties!

I dug out my pirates for this occasion and was rather surprised at how many I have painted over the years.  I tend to paint one or two when doing other things but these have mounted up over time. Nearly all are Foundry ones which I think I bought in one of their deals, so I no doubt have a lot more lurking around somewhere.  They have bucket loads of character and just looking at them makes me want to dig another couple out!

Apart from the Foundry figures I have also done a few Black Scorpion pirate girls which are equally nice to paint but tower over the Foundry figures somewhat.  I also have some of their skeleton pirates and (not very historically accurate) Royal Marines which I got for trying some games based on the Disney Pirates of the Caribbean on-line game which Guy and I used to play a lot.  Ironically (or perhaps not) Disney are closing down this online game today, much to the annoyance of the hundreds of thousands of players worldwide.

Here is the Legatus' online avatar taking a last look at one of the environments as I want to build some pirate buildings based on them.

The set for Port Royal was built in Wallilabou Bay in St Vincent and bits of it are still there today.  You can see the building above which was the inspiration for its digital equivalent in the online game pictured.

Depressingly I haven't played a pirate game since November 2008 but getting some scenery for WW2 Pacific would also work for the Caribbean (pretty much).  I have ordered some palm trees so may get some scenic bases done.


  1. Arr belike, splice the mainbrace and shatter the poop deck, avast! ...

    Great looking swarthy dogs - must admit I thoroughly enjoyed painting up my Foundry figures and had a fun time a while back playing some LotHS games, make scenery and ships... but it kinda fizzled out after my local gaming group went headlong into FoW, and we haven't really looked back since... perhaps the return to Skirmish gaming with EotD, may get me itching to get my port and pirates out again and finally finish off that Brig...

    ... and a bottle of rum! Arrr!

  2. Shiver me timbers, Legatus! Prepare to repel boarders!

  3. Great looking figs and the beachfront house looks great