Friday, September 20, 2013

My top ten posts of all time...

Steve the Wargamer has just posted about his all time total page views for his various posts, as he wonders why some score so many more than others.  It is an interesting topic so I thought I would do the same in my, inevitably, more long winded way.  He is also more techie than me so can do a nice neat table, which I cannot!

A quick analysis shows that not confining myself to wargames alone makes for a larger view rate (especially if the post includes pictures of girls), which is not surprising really.  Girls attract many more viewers than model soldiers.  My most viewed post (of Linda Lusardi) in my other incarnation's blog has had 305,797 views.  That's getting on for twice what this entire blog has clocked up since April 2006!

1 Cyclops 27 Feb 2012, 4127 views, 2 comments

I had thought Angus McBride was first but in fact it is my entry on the Cyclops.  Harryhausen power has probably boosted this outside the wargames (have you noticed how Windows doesn't recognise the word wargame as a correct spelling?) community.

Something for the Angus McBride 1 Sep 2012, 2879 views, 0 comments

This also attracted a fair number of non-wargaming visitors, I suspect.  Can't think why.

On the Workbench 6 June 2010, 2781 views, 0 comments

All about Trojans this one but I can't claim it as a sole wargames post because it has a couple of pictures of young ladies in it (incarnations of Helen of Troy) which may have skewed the hit rate.

Tales of two tragic ships 12 Oct 2009, 2637 views, 1 comment

This is a history post rather than a wargames one so it doesn't count either.

The First Schleswig War 1848-1850  2 February 2009 2329 views, 4 comments

This is more about uniform books than wargaming but is close.

Games Worshop Hobbit Figures They cost what? 24 Nov 2012, 2293 views, 10 comments

This is really the only pure wargaming post in my top ten and its a rant.  Who would have thought it?

Wars of the Roses 26 May 2009, 2206 views, 1 comment

Pictures I took at a re-enactment at a very hot Loseley Park in 2009.

Airfix Westland Whirlwind Stages 1 & 2 6 April 2010 2107 views, 3 comments

I am embarrassed by this one as I couldn't stand not having proper paints so never finished the model and, even worse, threw it away in disgust.

Citadel Realm of Battle Gameboard 2088 views, 3 comments

You won't be surprised to hear that although I bought one of these soon afterwards I still have only painted one tile out of six.

10 Cheryl Cole does Warhammer 40,000 2072 views, 1 comment

Ah, the formerly lovely Cheryl,  So cheery and friendly when she lived around the corner from me but now a despoiled husk of her former self who looks more like a Yakuza than a sex object (she was never really a singer).  Tragedy!

So even more time wasted writing a useless post when I should be undercoating my galley mast.  Maybe I'll go and do that now so at least I have achieved something today (although I have had a distracting box of something delivered today.  Clue: It smells like rotting fish).  


  1. There's a "row well, and live" joke in there somewhere, but frankly, I've not yet had enough coffee to pull it off.


  2. Good idea for a post although I'd probably also want to do a 10 least viewed to try and increase traffic. I'll have to come back and have a read through.