Monday, January 20, 2014

First Unit of 2014 - Warriors of Erebor

Well, largely thanks to Sofie and the inspiration of her Paint Table Saturday, I finished my box of Erebor Dwarves from The Hobbit (more about them here).  I haven't finished this many figures in one go since last March when I did 12 Darkest Africa Askari.

They were reasonably quick to paint but probably because I didn't obsess about as tidy a finish as I could.  I really need to use my limited painting time to get more done!  Next Dwarvish job is to repaint the bases of my Grim Hammers to match.  Then I better get some orcs!

I've also nearly early finished another Empire of the Dead figure too with just the metallic paint to do!  One thing that was putting me off getting on with my painting was that when I varnished Irene Adler she came out rather shiny.  No matter how much I stirred the varnish it stayed with a silk finish.  Worried about having shiny dwarves, I opened another tin of Humbol varnish and this was fine so I gave Irene another coat and she is fine now too.


  1. Nice I hadn't seen these new Dwarfs, and Miss Adler looks better. It seems a lot of people have problems with varnish and shine when its supposed to be matt

  2. Well done that man, glad to wee the floods didn't hold up the painting for too long.

  3. Its always nice to see ginger dwarves, well done Sir.

  4. Thanks for the kind words! Your Erebor warriors turned out really good. Great paint job!

    Greetings, Sofie

  5. Very nice set of dwarves and I like the Adler figure too.