Sunday, May 04, 2014

Salute Figure draw today and happy Star Wars Day!

We'll be making the blog 250,000 views prize draw today.  In order for it to be completely fair, my daughter, Charlotte (whose birthday - Star Wars Day - it is today), is going to make the draw in Edinburgh using the  numbers listed below (if I asked her to write all the names down we would still be waiting in June).

How much does Charlotte love Star Wars?  Taken at the 2009 Star Wars Musical event at the O2 where she was grabbed to pose for the press with R2D2

The draw will take place this evening after her pole dancing class!  She is very excited because this week she has just heard she has been chosen to perform at the Commonwealth Games opening ceremony this summer.  Not pole dancing, I should add.  They'll probably dress her up as a wild haggis or something.  She's not allowed to tell us what she will be doing!

These are the people I have down who have entered the draw, with their chosen figure. Let me know if there are any alterations.

1 Edwin King 2006
2 TamsinP 2007
3 Justin Penwith 2006
4 Fez-man 2010
5 Andrew Saunders 2007
6 Ubique Matt 2013
7 Rodger 2014
8 john de terre neuve 2006
9 Simon Miller 2006
10 Mad Tin Hatter 2014
11 Francis Lee 2007
12 Mike Lewis 2010
13 Wargame News and Terrain Blog 2012
14 CelticCurmudgeon 2014
16 Lee Hadley 2014
17 LittleArmies 2006
18 Brownk 2013
19 Dannoc 2014
20 Spyros Pachos 2012
21 Robert Audin 2007
22 Michael Mills 2006
23 Carlo Pagano 2014
24 Mark J (Anonymous) 2006
25 Cedric 2014
26 Michael Awdry 2012
27 Michael Peterson 2007
28 David 2006
29 Naiconn Log 2013
30 Ray Rousell War & Conquest
31 Pat G 2014
32 Panzer Kaput 2010

Good luck everyone!  I'll get it off in the post to you as soon as I have the winner's address (although it won't be going from the Sir Chris Hoy golden Olympic post box in Edinburgh!)


  1. Happy Star Wars day! Take it it will be a Star Wars themed party then!

  2. Good luck to all the draw-ees, and a Happy Birthday to Charlotte.


  3. Good luck to one and all and congratulations to Charlotte.