Saturday, May 03, 2014

Paint Table Saturday

I'm looking forward to our three day weekend so hope to get the next batch of Mexicans finished.  If I have time I will also do some more work on the Neanderthals and maybe start the North Star Egyptian standard bearer.  In the background are some of the new Artizan North West Frontier tribesmen (left), Mexican cavalry (centre) and more Mexican infantry (right).  

Since I started taking part in Paint Table Saturday every week, on 18th January this year,  I have painted 41 figures which is half what I did for the whole of last year!  It's really helping to keep my momentum up.  Unfortunately in the same period I have bought nearly ten times that number of new figures.  Oh dear!


  1. Good to see the motivation to keep painting is working out :-) I'm sure you'll be able to catch up on painting the growing lead mountain once you retire! ;-)

  2. That's some impressive productivity and you've played some games too! Paint Table Saturday seems to be a wargaming godsend.

  3. Retiring just means you have more time to buy even more figures you never get around to painting.