Saturday, May 10, 2014

Paint Table Saturday: Off to Oxford

I won't have much chance for any painting this weekend as I am going back to Oxford for a car event my father-in-law is organising, coincidentally, right outside my old college.   So today I have one of those splendid railway posters of my college as my wallpaper.

This lithograph dates from 1935 and is by Claude Buckle (1905-1973) who did a whole series of similar posters advertising rail destinations between 1933 and 1960.  Original examples of his posters go for about £1000 these days.

I'm hoping to get a little bit done on my Artizan Designs Afghans but have now run out of washers on which to base the remaining packs.  I have ordered new steel washers from several places but they are all too small.  Unfortunately, I hadn't realised I had been using Imperial 13/16" washers which no longer seem to be available in Britain.  I have some zinc ones on order to see if they are alright.