Saturday, September 06, 2014

Paint Table Saturday

The first Paint Table Saturday in September sees more progress on the next batch of Afghans and also a start on the North West Frontier Sikhs.  The latter are going to be quite quick to paint, I think, so I will try to get some more done on them tomorrow.  I'm used to painting Sikhs from Darkest Africa!

A few oddments in the background: Spartans, Neanderthals, Captain Scarlet and Mexican cavalry.  I've also got three one-off figures I hope to finish tomorrow to open September's painting account.


  1. Legatus Hedlius, Ave!

    Other than Black scorpion, do you have any other manufacturers for the female pirates you're assembling? I will be looking at Artizan and Reaper miniatures. Your work continues to impress!

    Gerardus Magnus

    1. No, all mine are Black Scorpion except this one Foundry one

  2. Those Sikhs are looking good.

    For some reason, everytime I see or hear a Sikh, I think of the time when my friend and I met a Sikh in northern India - they are, as we all know, thriving in abundance there... The man, with a grand turban (which we didn't notice, used to the culture of the region as we were), said he was an "honest man" (naturally stated without any reason or motivation - we are after all in India where these unwarranted statements are as common as they are seen as perfectly normal) and pointed to his head and said: "I am sick."

    Of course, we smiled forgivingly, thinking he was one of those far and few between people with a sense of self-irony, and we replied that "No, no, we have seen some really sick people [in the head]".

    He kept pointing at his head, iterating the word "sick" until we understood that his version of English was just a tad different from ours and that he of course was trying to communicate, for whatever reason, the fact that he was a follower of the Sikhish religion, and emphasized this by pointing at his turban.

    "I am sick... "

    We understood that he was a Sikh and half-heartedly apologized for his bad pronounciation and kept eating.

    Scandinavians can be quite the smug little voyous sometimes, was the lesson learned there.

    - - -

    Not sure where I wanted to go with this story, so I just end with: Indiana Jones and the temple of Doom by the London filharmoniker...

    1. Ha ha! The Temple of Doom is John Williams best Indiana Jones score I think. It was sort of appropriate whilst painting Indians.

      Sikhs are very common west of London of course. The other place I have seen a lot is Vancouver, where their taxi driving skills are truly terrifying!

    2. Hehe, we actually managed to get into two fender benders later in Delhi and New Delhi. Both happened within two weeks and in taxis. Luckily not in a rickshaw or a flimsy auto-rickshaw! Though I wonder how one would manage to collide in a rickshaw. I suppose it is managable somehow...

    3. I would not drive in India. Calcutta was the worst I have seen!

  3. Very well painted models. They are lookig good.

  4. Is Captain Scarlett the bosomy one? Also, every day is a good day to appreciate Hayley Atwell.