Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Jurassic Railway Station

So, into Waterloo station this morning to discover that it has been transformed into the gateway railway station for Jurassic World.

Walking down the concourse towards the Jubilee Line entrance what should I glimpse, above the ticket machines, but an actual velociraptor?

Blonde for breakfast

They had escaped from their In-Gen crate and were about to make a meal of this blonde.  Nobody seemed to care, in typical Waterloo way.  I would have saved her myself but I'm not that partial to blondes and, anyway, as the lovely brunette actress Sean Young once commented: "Most blondes aren't".  I do prefer a consistent girl.  Also, I was lacking something along the lines of a Joseph Lang 6 bore elephant gun.

Anyway the sight of  dinosaurs on the concourse would have delighted a young Legatus who owned a plethora of dinosaur books when he was young.  Actually I still have quite a few, although the dinosaurs in today's books are considerably more colourful than the grey, lumbering monsters of my childhood.

They're behind you!

Somewhere I have some Copplestone velociraptors.  Now where are they?


  1. cool...going to see this tonight with Shedson...

  2. We saw the crates on Sunday when we passed through Waterloo en route to The Globe...sadly the dinosaurs were all safely contained at that point (and the blondes).

  3. I recommend the Tamiya 1/35th v/raptors as well .

  4. You'd have thought the station's management would have found another way to dress up Waterloo Station during June, but I suppose they get paid a large amount to display this sort of advertising...

  5. What a cool set-up in such a busy place.