Saturday, June 27, 2015

Paint Table Saturday 27th June

Today we have the prospect of a group of figures just at the start of the painting progress.  Exciting and depressing at the same time!

To celebrate my new job I actually bought a few figures this week, which all arrived within a day or two. So full marks to Iron Duke Miniatures (Indian Mutiny British left and centre) and Antediluvian Miniatures (adventurers front right).  I am also just starting on a trio of Lucid Eye Amazons (back right).  Other stuff that might get some attention this weekend is behind. 

Lots of ferrying family about today but hopefully some proper painting tomorrow.


  1. An interesting selection of figures this weekend - have fun painting them :)

  2. A very Adventurous looking table this week! Enjoy!

  3. A lovely lot but it's always sad to see the neglected half painted chaps in the back.

  4. Great to see some of the Iron Duke IM mini's about to get a slash of colour. I'll be watching carefully as to how you do the khaki as i've got rather a lot of them to paint myself!

    Great stuff.