Saturday, July 09, 2016

Off to Africa for a couple of weeks...

No posts from me for a bit as I am off to Botswana for two and a half weeks. Never been there before (or South Africa, where I have a meeting on the way out) but I gather, as Africa goes, it isn't too bad.  Still, an eleven hour flight on one of those double decker Airbuses then another hour back to Botswana after a change at Johannesburg.

I'll probably want to paint Darkest AFrica figures when I get back!


  1. Legatus Hedlius, Ave!

    Be safe on your expedition to the wilds of the southern continent. All though you are not permitted to divulge the purpose of your journey, rumor has it that you will be negotiating for the purchase of large numbers of animals suitable for the arena. That is most important since the celebration for Caesar's birthday is but months away. Do you know if the inhabitants possess any Greek or Latin?
    Return quickly. We wait for the stories by which we will see how you fared on your journeys.
    Gerardus Magnus

  2. Oh, Africa - it seems you've been around the whole world by now. I have always appreciated this blog for that reason: Not only hobby but also some very nice travel-stories (not to mention the broads that you get a picture of here and there). It seems I will visit the old continent in December, so I will compare notes with you, although it will be S.A., but still...

  3. Hehe... as a South African who has been to Botswana, I wish you save travels and fun. If you have any spare time in Botswana -- I suggest taking a look at the Okavango delta. Good luck!

  4. Used to do the joburg Cape Town hop quite a lot.