Saturday, July 16, 2016

Tour de France Food and Wine Stages 3 and 4: Memories of delicious things

A much delayed post on some Tour de France linked food and wine on my food and drink blog here.  I am travelling with a teetotaller and now haven't had any wine for a week!   Feeling twitchy.
 The hotel is full of fashion models, for a big show in town but they only seem to drink water and not eat at all.


  1. The TdF has held much drama thus far. The shortened climb up Mt Ventoux will go down in the TdF annals as a mighty strange affair. With Porte kissing the camera lense to Froome making his way up the Giant on foot, Froome continues his domination of the race.

  2. You're in Southern Africa and you're not drinking wine - no-one deserves that!

  3. just buy a bottle of pinotage tonight and drink it all.... it goes a lot further if you are the only drinker

    um wine....lets meet for lunch soon ...

  4. As an "Angevin" (french from Anjou, the most beautiful part of France) : Rosé d'Anjou is the best pink wine you can find ;)

    And I see you've visited Angers, one of the nicest cities, a "human sized" one.