Saturday, October 29, 2016

Paint Table Saturday: American Civil War Cavalry

Very excited this morning, as for the first time for months I had a morning with no jobs to do, travel or children ferrying. I'll get up early and do some painting, I thought.  Except when I got up it was so dark I had to put all the lights on.  It is a bit brighter now so after lunch and a trip to Waitrose, I hope to do a few more jackets on my Boot Hill Mexicans.

Given the poor light, I decided to finish the bases of my Perry Miniatires ACW cavalry, the beginning of my Terence Wise ACW plastics project. While doing this I came to the realisation that Eric the Shed is either one of a series of clones or he is backed up by a painting shop of Asian ladies. It took me two evenings to assemble these figures and has taken me all morning to fill the gaps in the horses and add basing material,  yet he, as far as a I can see, has assembled and painted about 1,000 figures this year!  Oh, well, they are ready for undercoating now which I will do later this afternoon if the rain holds off.

Literally while I was writing this post, I was sent a Perry Miniatures newsletter explaining that they are going to be releasing a box of union infantry consisting of the skirmish poses from their recent new box (which I haven't been able to get yet).  Given these will be a bit more Airfix like than the marching poses which dominate the first set I may hold off getting these until this new box appears. I have ordered the Confederate infantry from Dark Sphere and hope I will have time to pick them up before the NFL game at Wembley tomorrow.

Today's inspirational computer wallpaper art is by the German painter Leo Putz (1869-1940).  Born in the South Tyrol in what, after WW1, became Italy, he settled in Munich and became part of the Munich Secessionists.  He used to spend the summer at Schloss Hartmannsburg in Bavaria where he painted many images of girls in boats and nude bathers by the lakes there.  This painting, The Rowing Boat, was painted in 1912 and has a surprisingly modern feel to it.  The lady is almost certainly his lover, Frieda Blell, a fellow painter,who Putz eventually married in 1913.

Today's music was a triple bill of Dvorak: the New World symphony (which I never tire of), his cello concerto and his little heard piano concerto. The New World always reminds me of ACW wargaming for reasons I will explain in another post (once I have got some paint on these figures, hopefully).


  1. filling gaps on horses....Noooo

    I reckon 12 horses can be assemble, based and primed in easily 2 hours

    cut all the bits off sprue to start - you would be amazed at how much time you save

    work on a factory line princilple- all horses assemble, based - then riders

    1. But they had gaps around their necks!

      One of my problems is that I have lost my little plastic sprue clippers. I suspect the Old Bat has pinched them for her flower arranging, broken them and won't confess!

  2. A life spent painting girls in boats could be spent in worse ways.

  3. So good to see your hobby activities re-energized after your African trip. Getting figures to the painting table is a good first step. Keep it up!

  4. I suspect the computer wallpaper is distracting rather than motivating - that must explain the slow progress?