Saturday, October 29, 2016

Something for the weekend...things I haven't done

Never been to a cricket match, either

I was pondering writing a post on things I haven't done, given my friend's incredulity that I hadn't been to a rugby game and only one football match.  I started thinking about other things I hadn't done which most of my friends have, when I went out to dinner with another friend on Tuesday. I hadn't really thought about it before but he thought some of my omissions were odd too.

In parallel with this, I was thinking I needed to post some more objectified ladies on my Legatus' Wargames Ladies blog, as I do enjoy an objectified lady. Speaking to my freind A, this afternoon, she suggested I combine the two with a post on things I haven't done, illustrated with pictures of underdressed ladies.  Brilliant!  So it is here! Naked ladies, of course.

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  1. Now this like as very interesting read but as I'm sitting here at a swimming lesson I had to shut the attached page down but don't fear I will be back to study the pictures more closely. The rugby girls looked so .................

    Thank you😀