Thursday, May 24, 2007


Picked up White Dwarf on the way home today although I don't know why I keep buying it, other than my little boy likes looking at the pictures. Quite a dwarfy issue though, so maybe I will look at it. Never really liked the Warhammer universe but I do like their dwarves (not too much magic -which I can't stand, or ridiculous monsters). The very first metal figures I was given about six years ago were a Warhammer Flame cannon and crew ( I still haven't finished painting it, though).

I have bought a couple of the big Warhammer sets (Battle of Skull Pass and the Dwarf army) as I think my son will enjoy it but have only painted four figures so far. They are nice and I do like them so I won't be eBaying them yet. I can always add a few to the next batch of Dark Age figures I paint. The palette is similar.

I really like the Perries' Lord of the Rings figures, though, and I have painted enough dwarves for a Battle company. I have just bought the new supplement, Khazad-Dum, and that looks really good so maybe I will do some more.

I thought the Moria sequence from The Fellowship of the Ring was one of the most evocative sequences in the trilogy with Howard Shore's music reaching a crescendo of magnificence in the Dwarrowdelf sequence. A mad mixture for me of some of my favourite things: Viking armour, Piranesi Carceri D'Invenzione inspired interiors and rushing about in tunnels like A Journey to the Centre of the Earth.

I already have about 30 LotR goblins and a cave troll painted so it won't take much more to enable us to have a game.

I think I like dwarves so much as I listened to Wagner's Ring Cycle a lot when I was about 11! I loved the descent into Nibelheim with all those anvils bashing away!

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