Monday, May 28, 2007

Painted figures for May

It's not the end of May but I work on a whole week basis.

36 figures this month, 12 more than my target for four weeks. I have now painted 141 figures in 21 weeks which is 6.7 figures a week, so slightly ahead of my 6 per week target. I am 15 figures ahead of target.

This months are a mixture of finishing off Greeks for Cynoscephalae and getting going on my next major project the Sudan 1884.

6 Thracians
12 Greek Javelin men

1 British Naval Brigade figure
1 Royal Navy mounted officer
9 Beja rifleman
6 Beja Swordsmen
1 Beja Emir on camel

The British take ages to paint, the Beja are quick!

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