Saturday, October 13, 2007

Painted Figures for September

It's late coming as I have been out of the country most of the month so far.

Well, it was eight, easily my worst month so far. The yearly total is 211 in 39 weeks or 5.41 figures per week. I am now 23 figures behind schedule. That is going to be difficult to make up unless..I paint more Beja!

Musketeer Miniatures Early Saxons 5
Musketeer Miniatures Great North War Swede 1
Artizan Spartan 1
Artizan Sky Pirate 1

Never mind October is looking better and I have just finished my first two figures for two weeks. One is another Spartan General, you can see him on my Spartan WAB blog.
The other is the first of my Musketeer Miniatures Russians from the Great North War.

Talking of Great Wars I ordered some of Great War Miniatures new early WW1 British today as they look very nice. This is pretty silly as I actually have quite a few of Renegade's WW1 figures painted and they are not compatible but they never finished the range with the figures I wanted and I am really interested in BEF period WW1 so might be willing to start again.
The other good news is that I had a good go at the first six Sudan KRRC and not only repainted the base shade rifle green but did the shading on the coats and trousers, repainted the helmets and got the base coat of the leatherwork done. Should finish them next weekend. I think its just these grey uniforms I don't like!

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