Monday, October 01, 2007

David Gemmel Trojan trilogy

I'm in sunny Beverly Hills and have just been sitting by the pool finishing Shield of Thunder by David Gemmell which I started on the flight over. I read Lord of the Silver Bow when it first came out but didn't buy the second book when I had heard Gemmel had died as I didn't want to invest a lot of emotional capital into a book where there was no resolution to the story. However, his wife finished the book and it was published recently so I picked it up as an airport only trade edition on the way out.

I remember enjoying the first book without being able to remember anything about it! I think part of my confusion was because I read the Lindsay Clarke War at Troy shortly before. The Clarke books are more to do with Gods and the principals. The Gemmel books eschew supernaturals and look at some of the supporting cast more.

From a wargaming point of view the second book is very good, particularly towards the end where Hektor's Trojan forces are fighting Thrakians in Thraki (naturally). There are a couple of set piece battles: holding the pass and the Battle of Carpea which would make a change from all that sitting outside Troy. They also suggest other battles as part of this campaign. Better still I think I now have a use for all those Foundry Northern European Bronze Age figures who are now going to be cast as Thrakians.

Maybe another blog calls!

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