Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Blog Hit Parade

Jennifer Connelly: two reasons that the Pulp blog is over 1000% up on hits this month.

Another month, another blog. This time, the new one covers the Great Northern War.
Given that the idea of starting a blog was to create discipline in my painting it has obviously failed but I enjoy doing them and when it's too dark to paint then I can happily ramble away instead.

This time I am going to rank them by hits per month (last month's ranking in brackets).

1 (1) 19th Century Sudan Armies 1617 (up 409 on last month).
2 (6) Cavegirls in Fur Bikinis 1099 (up 816)
3 (2) Legatus' Wargames Armies 631 (down 38)
4 (3) Spartan WAB 593 (up 96)
5 (5) Dark Ages WAB 222 (down 223)
6 (7) Byzantine WAB 221 (up 34)
7 (11) Pulp Warriors 183 (16)
8 (5) Punic War WAB 179 (down 163)
9 (8) Return to Darkest Africa 130 (up 75)
10 (9) 3rd Century Roman WAB 55 (up 18)
11 (11) Swashbucklers 20 (up 3)
12 (-) Great Northern War 17

A record number for the Sudan blog this month. I've noticed that when searching images on Google it's often coming up on page one now.

The biggest climber is Cavegirls in Fur Bikinis. Can't think why. I think that it is what's referred to as a "crossover hit".

The biggest increase percentage-wise is Pulp warriors. Nothing to do with me putting pictures of Jennifer Connelly and Penelope Ann Miller on it I am sure.

Dark Ages and Punic War have plummeted
so I need to get some more figures done for those over the next few months.

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