Saturday, December 08, 2007

Painted Figures for November

This month's Darkest Africa character: makes a change from near-naked Beja.

I needed to paint 34 figures this month and just made it!

The yearly total is 288 in 48 weeks which is exactly six figures per week!

Sudan British 15
Sudan Beja 6
Sudan Egyptian 1
Darkest Africa 1
Great Northern War Swedes 3
Spartan Hoplites 3
WW1 German Askari 5

I missed the whole of this week as I was in Los Angeles (and Phoenix and Atlanta and Tallahassee and Miami!) but may still get a few finished tomorrow to start off December. This month's target is 24 to reach my six figures a week goal. I have a few days in Brussels the week after next and hope to get to the Military Museum there as they have some good Napoleonic and Belgian Colonial stuff.

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