Tuesday, May 20, 2008

An expensive trip..

Someone was going on about the Warlord plastic Romans on TMP today and someone else said that they had them at Orc's Nest. I was thinking about picking up the new Warhammer Historical Great War rules so this decided me to nip down there at lunchtime today.

Oh dear. Not only did I get The Great War rules (which look..er, great), but I succumbed to Field of Glory and a box each of the Perry plastic ACW infantry and cavalry. Now, I have put in several orders from the Perries since the plastics came out and have managed to resist them but seeing the boxes in real life I had a 1970's Airfix moment and bought them.

I loved these pictures when I was little.

I was getting on well with my Beja and Spartans too and now I know they will all go on hold. Grr! I am determined not to get too hung up on historical accuracy for these figures (I have read the great debate about jacket length) and will use them for a simple game for my little boy à la Introduction to Battle Gaming by Terry Wise, my only wargames rules for many years.

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