Wednesday, May 28, 2008

The workbench

People on The Miniatures Page have been talking about where they paint. I always like to see where people work! This is my desk. I use the small area in front of my keyboard for mixing paints. The keyboard gets covered in paint, of course! I must get a flat screen for my PC as this will give me a lot more space! I keep the paints I am using to the left and in the bigger area to the right are the figures I am working on, brushes, files etc.

Where I am really lucky is having a large south-facing window!


  1. It always surprises me just how many people's painting desks are nowhere near a source of natural light. I have always painted by a window and probably couldn't paint otherwise now.

    ps what is your screen-saver picture - looks potentially rather saucy from this distance!

  2. It is Josie Maran, a Californian model most famous for being one of the Brides of dracula in Van Helsing. She is part of my rotating babe collection of wallpapers!