Thursday, October 29, 2009

Not dead yet..

Force Publique. End of Day 2

Well I have returned from the hospital to very little sympathy from my wife ("you call those stitches") and a great deal of pain. I have been given some marvellous painkillers but unfortunately I can only take them every six hours and they seem effective only for four... Having surgery, however "keyhole" in a very sensitive part of the anatomy was very worrying but the lovely (and very expensive) team at Ashtead Hospital did a great job of stopping me getting stressed.

Force Publique. End of Day 3

I am still finding moving about quite painful but have been able to sit in my chair for a couple of hours a day and do some painting. Progress on the Force Publique force is going rather well and just shows what I can do when I apply myself (and when I don't have to go to work).

Olinka Berova: the only two reasons to watch the dreadful Vengeance of She

I have to spend some time with my legs up so have been watching a series of enjoyably dreadful 60s and 70s films as I really can't face daytime TV. So far I have watched: The Vengeance of Fu Manchu (1967), She (1965), The Vengeance of She (1968), The Valley of Gwangi (1969) and Warlords of Atlantis (1978). I also watched the slightly later Young Sherlock Holmes (1985), which I started watching live but then moved on to the DVD when I got interrupted by an "are you still alive" phone call. Much to my surprise much of the latter was filmed at my old college, Brasenose, including Lecture Room XI where I once did bad things with a girl from Somerville during the college ball. No chance of that at the moment.
Oh well, musn't grumble, as old people say...


  1. I hope your feeling better. I once spent an enjoyable summer at Brasenose in Oxford (next to the Radcliffe Camera). It was one of those times when the school looked the other way and let in some uncouth but paying US students. All I can remember is that for some reason I was a pretty good croquet player and managed to make a good penny of the local academics who were convinced a colonial with a southern accent was an "easy" mark. Of course I spent all my winnings in a pub called the Bear, but it was money well spent!

  2. Hi - Very glad to hear that you pulled through! What is it about women that they seem to think only the female species can experience real pain? Always bleating on about childbirth etc.

    I remember seeing a trailer for 'She' in the cinema in the 60s (possibly before seeing Zulu) but I wasn't allowed to see the film and never have. Enjoy your recuperaton and don't forget to keep muttering "ooooh" and "ow" if suggestions relating to washing up are voiced.


  3. Best wishes for s speedy recovery, LH. Let's face it, the women are the only reason for watching Hammer films are great. I forget her name, but there was that lovely redhead in "Rasputin" and Veronica Carlson was always well-suited to a nightie.

    Best wishes


  4. Thanks for all your kind thoughts!

    Giles, you must be thinking of Barbara Shelley. There are a bevy of Hammer beuties (including Caroline Munro and Madeleine Smith- one of my favourites!) signing the new Hammer Glamour book at Forbidden Planet in London tomorrow but sadly I will be too fragile to go up there.

    Probably just as well-best to remember your heroines as they were!