Saturday, January 05, 2013

First figures of 2013!

Well, I have finished my first figures of 2013!  Only three of them but they are enough to complete my unit of Dutch 27th Jäger.  This is my first completed Napoleonic unit in 28mm and I am delighted to have achieved this given the amount of work in uniforms of this period.  The only downside is it's taken me just a week over five years to paint them!  At this rate... No, don't even think about it!  The only good thing is that I have done eleven out of the 25 figures in the last seven weeks.  More about the 27th Jäger on my Quatre Bras and Waterloo blog which I now feel is a bit more respectable as a result!

Now I feel enthused to finish my Prussians who probably only need a couple of weeks concentrated effort to complete.  Next I have a battalion of French already based and I've even painted three of them.  I can use the same French against the Prussians and Dutch with just different flags, of course.  

Alongside the Prussians on the workbench at present I have a small Back of Beyond unit for which I received the final four figures from Copplestone Castings yesterday.  It's only an eight man unit but they are cavalry.  Still, I am enjoying painting them.  Other than that all the other figures (other than a few one-offs) are for my Argonauts project.  I will try and only keep three periods of figures on the workbench at any one time this year!


  1. Beautiful unit - love the unique colors for their uniform. Will keep this one in mind if I get serious about a Waterloo project. Warm Regards, Dean

  2. Hey well done on completing the 27th!

    I have only ever realy completed one napoleonic unit myself, so I know what a huge achievement these are!

    Keep up the good work that man! Carry on!

  3. Congrats! Actually five years seems pretty speedy to me...

  4. Very nice! Ready for Waterloo by 2115? ;-)


  5. They look damn good Legatus. Now, back to work!