Saturday, January 05, 2013

Resisting Temptation Part 2

So, here is how it goes.  As expected, as I looked at the North Star sale, various armies on (really quite big) discount floated across my still somewhat addled post Christmas-consciousness,  Why not get two 1866 armies?  How about a big batch of Louis XIV French?  I could use them for North America!  But, as I had hoped, the voice of measured reason floated up from the antipodes in the Middle Earthian shape of Scott. Everything he said in commenting on my last post was spot on. Phew!  Saved again.

Then, however, sitting on my other shoulder was Big Red Bat whispering about the French.  Now just looking at his excellent blog has me searching around for ancients to paint: I've just found some Macedonian pikemen to base as a result of one of his recent posts.  So I don't really need any more temptation from him!

All was well.  I looked at my half finished Prussians and moved on. This morning, however, Giles posted about the big Matabele impi on sale.  I'd completely missed that one.  I've been wanting to buy these since they came out.  Darkest Africa figures are the first metal 28mm soldiers I bought!  I could use them in my Zambezi campaign (well, not really).  I bought Zulu and Matabele: Warrior Nations by Glenn Lyndon Dodds  and enjoyed the novel The Shangani Patrol by John Wilcox.  Oh dear!  Temptation given in to once more!  At least it was the cheapest of all the options I was looking at (by £3).

I'm sure I will get on to them after I finish the 200 Zulus I have to do.  And the Ngoni.  And the Masai.  And finishing my Azande....


  1. On the plus side, I think we are all like this! Enjoy!

  2. I caved in last night and bought a Matabele impi, so now you can say I encouraged you to get one, if that makes the decision any easier!

    [They have a new Cecil Rhodes figure too - couldn't resist getting that one as well.]