Monday, October 14, 2013

Empire of the Dead!

There is nothing like getting a nice big box of soldiers in the post (unless you are my wife who is trying to persuade me to pay for a new kitchen floor, a new bathroom and an extension and therefore hates me spending money on anything at the moment).  In addition, Charlotte's old school has written to me suggesting I donate a useful item to the school.  They have suggested a lacrosse goal set (£3000), or an infrared spectrometer (£7000) or perhaps a 2D laser cutting machine (£20,000 - no wonder 4Ground buildings are so expensive).  Good grief!

Anyway, I could, truthfully, claim that these were ordered months ago. Yes, my big box of West Wind's Empire of the Dead has arrived.  I think it is about fifty figures (or about six month's painting if I really go at it).  They are a bit slimmer than the Northstar In Her Majesty's Name figures but, critically, they are the same height and the heads appear to be a similar size.  I haven't even taken any out of the box yet as I have literally just got back from Copenhagen (I have to return next week).  They look very nice and hopefully I can get one started, at least, at the weekend.  I intend to mount them on washers rather than the slotta bases they came with (I hate slotta bases) but this will involve some tricky trimming of the metal bar at the bottom.  However, I managed this OK with a samurai figure I ordered the other week so hopefully it won't be too tricky.

I managed a bit more painting on my Lost World characters last week and hope to finish two of them this weekend.  Yes, I have now dropped from aiming at six figures a week to two.  Oh well.  

I missed SELWG again due to being in Denmark and now it looks like I am going to miss Warfare as well as I will be back in Colombia but at least I am visiting Cartagena, pirate capital of the Caribbean!  I've based a trio of pirates to celebrate!


  1. Legatus I say again that you are living my dream. All that travel! It must be inspiring?
    Anyway...I await your Empire of the Dead figures, please let us know what you think of the rules as I have In Her Majesties Name....
    In the meantime I will try to sympathise that you are travelling so much!

  2. My son convinced me... sorry, us.... To invest in the EotD rules and some Werewolves at Colours. The book was very pretty but there's an awful lot of fluff and padding in there... I haven't actually got round to reading the mechanics yet though. What figures did you get?

  3. Box days are happy days. Have you considered donating the laser cutter on the proviso that all school projects involve the creation of terrain for your collection?


  4. Great to see your EotD figures arrived safe and sound. I look forward to seeing what you do with them!

    I just got my email notification, mine will shortly be on their way :-)

    Wow, those are some serious school 'donations'!

    Cartagena!? There's a place I would be intrigued to visit, at least for the historic perspective...