Monday, October 21, 2013

Squashed! Plus goodbye to the big battalions.

Given the number of figures crowding my workbench it is amazing that I don't end up with more bashed up figures, as I am constantly knocking them onto the floor.  The problem with plastics is, of course, that they are so light that if you inadvertently catch one with your arm you may not here it hit the ground.  This was the case with this Warlord Games plastic Roman who was destined to be part of the crew of my galley.  I stood up and there was a nasty sound and a pain in the ball of my foot leaving the poor chap looking like he had just had an encounter with s scythed chariot. 

Also taking a pounding lately were my part completed Perry plastic Prussians whose bayonets are very delicate indeed.  In order to protect both units from further attrition and because my desk is covered in skirmish figures at present I have decided to confine them to a file box until I am ready to finish them.  In go the ACW Federals too, as there are so many steampunk, samurai and Argonautish figures on the table at present there just isn't room.  This means my workbench now contains figures for In Her Majesty's Name/The Lost World, Empire of the Dead, Latin American independence, Jason and the Argonauts, Copplestone 18mm fantasy and a few odds and ends.  More than enough to keep me busy until Christmas anyway.  I am painting so little at present that it just isn't worth trying to finish units of 20 figures or so but I can do the odd bit on individual skirmish figures.

In fact, shock, I finished two more this weekend for my Lost World/IHMN company.  Here we have Edward Malone and the faithful Zambo.  I made good progress on Professors Challenger and Summerlee as well yesterday, before the horrible weather caused bad light to stop play, or I would have finished them too.  I am back in Copenhagen again this week (a 4.45am, taxi pick up tomorrow) but I hope to get them done this weekend.

Charlotte is on the far right

More travel next week as the family is going up to Edinburgh to see how Charlotte is getting on at university.  Today her photograph is in three newspapers there as part of the Edinburgh Bhangra Crew who were performing at the celebrations for the Hindu festival of Dussehera on top of a freezing looking hill.  In three weeks I am back to Colombia again for ten days or so which is why my British Legion is the only unit still on the workbench.  It's been too cold and wet to undercoat them yet, though, as I always do that outside.

I set to work with my Games Worshop razor saw during Strictly Come Dancing this weekend (my goodness, that Rachel Riley from Countdown has a splendid figue) cutting the mounting bar on my Empire of the Dead figures to the depth of a normal base so I could mount them on washers so that they will match my IHMN figures.  This is Captain Nemo but I managed to base another seven as well and am looking forward to getting started on these when I finish my Lost World figures. These are really gorgeous figures with no flash and hardly any mould lines.

As I increasingly come to the conclusion that I enjoy painting more than gaming my choices of figure are tending towards the individual rather than the unit.  Recently, I bought a few Japanese figures to complement my Samuari, which should be a real painting challenge.  I also ordered a set of five figures from Hasslefree (my first order of their 28mm figures I think) which I bought just because I like them, I liked the TV series they were inspired by and I thought I would like to have a go at something different. Hasslefree are in America for some time, though, so I don't expect to see them for three weeks or so.  My particular friend, S, made a (unsuccessful) pass at one of these actors at a party in Vancouver.  We won't tell which one, though!

After all this non-gaming talk my latest purchase is, therefore, bizarrely inconsistent and is entirely the fault of Mr Michael Awdry in pointing out a Kickstarter I had no knowledge of or interest in.  But then my mind was invaded by the wailing theremin music of Mr Daniel Robert Elfman and I was lost.  From as early as I can remember until I was about eighteen I read nothing else but Science Fiction and, in those pre-Star Wars days, I watched all the classic fifties science fiction films from the fifties and early sixties on television.  So I love the whole rationale behind Mars Attacks.  My only disappointment is the fact that the manufacturers of this new game have chosen to go with modern US-style troops and not the early sixties look of the trading cards and, indeed, the film, which despite it being set contemporary times had the American troops in retro uniforms and with equally retro tanks.  Still a few plastic WW2 infantry should solve that.  Also I would have liked to have seen the Martians rather smaller than the humans as they were in the film.  The game's creators say that the Martians were the same size as humans in the original trading cards but actually they weren't and to quote original card number 50 the Martians were "puny in size".  Easier to paint, though!

Some time ago the Legatus had a meeting in 10 Downing Street and ran into the wife of the then incumbent.  I couldn't for the life of me remember who she reminded me of.  It was only a few days later that it came to me.  Ack! Ack! Ack!

In other military news this week I have just found out from a friend in the US that a girl I was at college with and went to the Rhodes House Ball with has just been made a Lieutenant General and the first woman Superintendent of the Air Force Academy.  For two years she was one of the Presidential military aides who carried the nuclear "football" containing all the US nuclear reaction options and codes.  She'd know how to deal with the Martians! Well done Michelle! 


  1. So, which one's Zambo? I quite like that Nemo figure, can't wait to see it painted.


  2. I know what you mean about 'goodbye big battalions'... for ages I have thought to do up massed ranks of ACW, WSS or Naps troops... but I never get round to it... instead its FoW or skirmish stuff... I guess its just easier to complete a project with these... the others seemed destined to take yearssss if I do ever get started...

    Glad you like the EotD figures, cant wait to get mine, shouldn't be long now!

    I know what you mean about the Mars Attacks thing - I am not a huge fan anyway, but was surprised by the size of the Martians and the modern US troops - just seems to go counter to the movie, which is my only reference...

    Mind you, loved the Ack Ack Ack image ;-) your observations are so true! ;-)

  3. Great post, Yes Mr Awdry nearly convinced me too but I escaped