Thursday, December 12, 2013

A glimmer of hope for Ripper Street

Several newspapers reported yesterday that the BBC was looking for a partner to fund a third series and is in talks with LoveFilm.

Let's hope this is true and that the resultant budget cuts won't ruin it  It remains a continued inspiration for my slow but sure progress on my various steampunk figures.  I based and undercoated another few figures today. Hopefully I can do a bit at the weekend but it's looking like I will not have much time again. 


  1. That is good news, lets hope something comes of it!

  2. Apart from the news and a few documentaries it is the only BBC series I watch these days (of course my wife is a confirmed Strictly fan - and I quite like admiring the young ladies).

    If they had treated Doctor Who or Only Fools And Horses like this (neither were ratings successes at first) neither would have gone on to be a success. And for the show to be canned because it couldn't succeed in the ratings against I'm A Celebrity just makes me despair.