Saturday, December 28, 2013

Paint Table Saturday

Sofie, on her paint blog, has just asked people to post what they have on the painting table at present.  I have actually managed a couple of hours worth of painting today but won't get much more done as the parents in law are coming round for tea.

My painting area is very small; just the place where my keyboard usually goes in front of my computer monitor.  The advantage of it is the south facing floor to ceiling glass windows. On the left are a selection of steampunk figures I am working on together with the paints I am using for them.  On the right are some Orinoco Miniatures British Legion, more steampunk, Amazons for Jason and the Argonauts and my new Mirkwood Rangers.  My paint rack is buried under a pile of other bits including some steampunk vehicles.  I have two lamps with daylight bulbs but can't paint shading unless I have good natural daylight.  

Today I have been working on some Warriors of Erebor to go with my recently completed King Thror.  The light is tricky today as although it has been sunny the light is coming straight at me horizontally and casting deep shadows which is making it difficult to see detail on black undercoated figures.

I'm also working on the Irene Adler figure from the Empire of the Dead Requiem range at the moment as well.

My room is a tip as we have had to move a load of furniture into it to make way for the Christmas fairy forest.


  1. I'm looking forward to seeing those dwarves finished. Are you planning on using the LotR rules?


  2. Thanks for joining in on my Paint Table Saturday! I added your blog to the list.

    That is a very busy paint table you have! I'm curious about your steampunk figures.

    Greetings, Sofie

  3. My painting space isn't much larger it may be the same size. Do you reference internet painting guides while you paint.

  4. Yes, so when I was painting Thror I had pictures from the film up on the screen.

  5. Looks like you're enjoying your self - very cool coffee mug too! Best, Dean

  6. I have noticed a number of bloggers paint at or near their computer screens , which I would be very wary of as I know I'd get paint or glue on the screen eventually!

    Great to see the dwarves getting some paint, keep up the god work.

  7. I do get paint on the screen sometimes but it soon wipes off with a bit of with spirit!