Saturday, December 07, 2013

Finding Nemo

 Lots of teeth!

When I got my big box of West Wind's Empire of the Dead Requiem figures I couldn't for the life of me remember which figures I had ordered.  I then had to go on several trips so just based up all the individual figures and decided to work out who was who afterwards.  

One figure which was quite easy to identify was Nemo, especially if you have seen The League of Extraordinary Gentleman. I decided to start work on him as the first of my Empire of the Dead figures and I finished him today.  As ever, I am finding it easier to concentrate on character figures at present rather than trying to paint units of anything but this does mean my slow painting speed has now become glacial.  This is my first completed figure in five weeks. 

This is the first West Wind figure I have ever painted and I found the level of detail excellent with hardly any mould lines and no flash.  I'm looking forward to doing some more.  They have now issued an entire Captain Nemo and crew set with Nemo dressed more in the manner of the Disney film of 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea.  Looks like I will have to get that too.  Then, of course, I will need a Nautilus!

I have actually based a figure today which will be my first attempt at a Finecast one. I may see if I can get him done (or at least started) tomorrow.


  1. Great job I've just finished cleaning up all the sets and have all the singles to clean up.

    Both Nemo's are good but I do prefer this one out of the two.

    Nice paintjob. Did you get the rest of the LXG?

  2. Great work on this version of Nemo; but I confess I still like the old Disney version best. Childhood memories and all. Oh, and that Nautilus! Best, Dean

  3. You've done a proper job of that blue. May I ask what colours you used?


  4. Ave Legatus Hedlius!

    The Nemo character is splendid and does Rome proud. Worry not about the number of painted figures, the Imperator has confided to me that no one is keeping count given your notable accomplishments in the service of the Empire. He wishes you great enjoyment with all of your painting although he has expressed a suggestion that you might think about painting a "Mina" next. BTW, can you account for the fact that she survived a stake through the art as noted in Dracula? Arcane things mystify....
    Gerardus Magnus
    Archbishop Emeritus

    "You can call me 'Magnus'."

  5. The blue is Humbrol enamel 25. I don't use acrylics!

    Mina is a good idea! I need to find her in the pile!

  6. I've never used the humbrol but the colors look nice. I have this figure but I feel the need to get the other Nemo as well.