Tuesday, April 18, 2017

An update on my ACW project.

I started back on some ACW figures again yesterday, after my diversion on the North West Frontier.  More about it on my Americas Wargaming blog here.


  1. Great to see you back on the real civil war, not that English family scuffle!


  2. Legatus Hedlius, Ave!

    How large will your units be? They look very nicely based and should give you lots of satisfaction. Which paints will you be using? I have found that if you want to paint a North Carolina regiment or two you can get away with using a blue gray color from Vallejo for the jackets and a variety of colors for the trousers and hats. The Foundry acrylics are good for these as well.
    Gerardus Magnus

    1. I am using a set of rules which appeared in 1969 and they use regimental units of 27 figures. As regards paints I do not use acrylics (except for metallics) but old style enamels (Humbrol). Interesting about the blue grey for North Carolina. I think it is a unit at a time at present!