Sunday, April 23, 2017

Post Salute Depression...

Well not really, but the rushing around on the day (after a very busy week at work) has made me rather tired and my legs still ache.  The only thing to do was go and meet my friend in Sainsbury's and end parenthesise Salute 24 hours with another cooked breakfast.  I nearly bought Rogue One in Sainsburys as they have it for £10 but don't know if I want to watch it again.  It would be interesting to see what the video sales are of this,  Charlotte says she wants to see it again but she is a Star Wars superfan.

I am grateful for the kind comments on my Salute post yesterday but feel rather guilty as it was, really, not a Salute post at all and was sorely lacking in pictures and other Salute content.  It has been nice to catch up on other people's much better blog posts and look at their fantastic pictures.   As ever, Wargames News and Terrain have done a fantastic job collecting posts, news and pictures into one place.  Hopefully, there will be more blog posts in the next few days. I can't believe how many things I missed and was particularly annoyed to miss Dalauppror's lovely looking (and prize winning) Fort Mosquito game.  I missed his last Salute game too even more annoyingly.

I also started to remember all the things I meant to go back and buy but forgot to; principally the Perry Afghans with mountain gun, which I could have used with my Sikhs until my North Star one turns up (if ever).  I also think I should have gone back and got some Victrix Macedonian pikemen but as Big Red Bat said to me today "I'm surprised you've not got a stash of metal ones in your Lead Mountain" and, of course, he was right.  I found these Foundry figures straight away and suspect I may have more somewhere.  I really need to sort out the pile!  I wish I'd bought a couple more TableScape mud brick houses too.

Usually, I return from Salute with a great desire to get painting but I didn't feel like it today, although I did undercoat the last company of my first Confederate infantry unit.  I also filed and based the Perry metal Confederates in frock coats, who are destined to form my Texan regiment. These are lovely and I am looking forward to starting them. I need three more packs, though.  I also got my newest North West Frontier figures based too so the day wasn't a total write off.

I'm not sure how my work week is going to pan out; it could mean a frantic two days on Monday and Tuesday or I could have more time to get on with a couple of longer term projects I need to finish which I have had to drop in the last month due to other demands.  I can't make Shed Wars tomorrow, as I have a conference call in the evening, which is particularly annoying as it is an ACW game. and I haven't actually played an ACW game since my Airfix days in the seventies.  Overall, though, despite my post Salute ennui I am looking forward to getting some more painting done in the next seven days.


  1. Rogue one was fab have watched it quite a few times now. I am defo up for a cooked breakfast you fiend!

    1. I enjoyed at the time but I also have never watched Gladiator again after the first time. Not a 'dark' person.

  2. You can't be depressed looking at a breakfast like that ...