Sunday, June 15, 2008

Ludus Hedlius

I have a gladiatorial game at Guildford tomorrow and managed to finish another five Foundry Gladiators today to add to the two I did the other week.

Here is the whole ludus ready for their first games! I have now painted all the figures I have got and want to get some more. I think I am going to order some of the Crusader ones to see what they are like. Sometimes the Crusader figures are a bit small but the recent Rank and File Romans have been fine so I will see. I want to get some of the Equites which sensibly come with a foot and mounted figure for each.

I am reading a novel about gladiators at the moment, Sand of the Arena, by James Duffy. He has certainly done his research and although some of the writing is a bit ropey and too colloquially American it has some energy and narrative drive and I will definitely read the next one.

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