Sunday, June 15, 2008

Painted figures for May

Quite a good and varied month (if varied is good, of course).

Total for the month was 39

Darkest Africa Ruga Ruga 5
Swashbuckler 1
Back of Beyond characters 2
Darkest Africa character 2
Darkets Africa Ngoni 5
Spartans 5
Sudan Beja 11
Gladiators 4
WW1 German Jaegers 4

I also got a couple of dozen German WW1 figures tidied up and based properly. Unfortunately, I am not happy with the colour of their jackets, following a visit to the Royal Army Museum in Brussels last month, so will have to re-do their jackets and trousers aagin.

So in 22 weeks I have painted 129 figures which brings my average back up to 5.9 figures a week, very close to my target of 6. I am now only three figures adrift of my target. However although I painted five gladiators this week I got nothing done last week as I was in the process of changing jobs. I am now no longer working in the City, for the first time, but am in the West End, which is a bit weird. Never mind I am only a few hundred yards from Forbidden Planet, Orc's Nest, Games Workshop and Foyles!

I am off to Jordan again on Friday so don't expect to finish anything this week although I am progressing quite well on another unit of WW1 Prussian Guards. I will also get some more Beja prepared as they are quite quick to paint. I have some more female Tuta archers to do to finish my bodyguard unit for my Mirambo force. I'd like to get on with some more Great Northern War Swedes as well.

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