Monday, April 08, 2013

A few more Argonauts...but painting is slow.

As I recently mentioned on my Romans blog I am having trouble motivating myself to paint at present, despite the sunnier weather of late.  This is odd considering I have lots of new toys to do in the shape of Caesarian and 2nd century AD Romans.  The essence of the problem is that I have just finished quite a lot (for me, anyway) of figures so I have nothing close to completion.  Everything on the workbench is figuratively uphill still.  Now I can't face the Prussians or ACW figures yet as they are each only about half done and there are over twenty of each to do.  To sit down and do some painting and find that all you will have achieved is to shade blanket rolls and backpacks (the next stage on my Prussians) is a not very inspiring thought.  I don't even have any characters well on the way who I could have a go at.  As for my new Romans they are still very much at the preparation stage; with base texturing and undercoating needed on  half the Aventine figures and a lot more assembly on the plastics.  Still, at least I can do these stages in the evening when the light has gone.

I may have another wargame next Monday so really should be getting on with my warlord Chinese cavalry but they are nowhere near finished.  I did do some work on a couple of horses today.

I have finished a few more Argonauts today at least.  These don't photograph very well because of the contrast between the black and the bronze but I am moving along with them anyway.  Maybe some opponents next and starting work on the Argo.  More about them all on my Argonauts blog in due course. 

The next character I have decided to move along is Emperor Lucius Verus who is now based and undercoated.  I am going to get his basic skin colour down in a minute.  I have decided to take an unusually non-historic approach to the figure and paint him in the style of a famous cinematic Roman.  

L to R: Aventine Praetorian, Warlord plastic legionary, Warlord metal slave girl and Aventine Emperor

I depicted Marcus Aurelius with a centurion but Lucius Verus is going to get the Warlord slave girls as his entourage, as this suits his (allegedly) debauched character.  The ladies are far too tall for the Warlord Romans (who are actually a completely different scale to the Aventine figures) but work very well with the much more strapping Aventine figures.  If the prospect of painting slave girls won't get me started again nothing will!

More useful colour reference from Spartacus


  1. Verus new how to enjoy himself! A couple of Syrian actors would do no harm, at all.

  2. Nice Argonauts.
    Whats the figure on the right doing, seems an odd pose. Is he holding something in each hand?

    Enjoy your slave girls!

  3. Great looking Argonauts - the Greek range is still one of the best around. Wow - what a comparison between the Aventine and Warlord Romans. Best, Dean

  4. Who'd have thought that the Romans had invented the wonder bra! :o)

  5. Scott, the one on the right is Polydeuces (otherwise known as Pollux), twin brother of Castor and son of Leda and Zeus (disguised as a Swan, or course).

    He was a great boxing champion and during the voyage of Jason defeated the savage King Amycus in a boxing match. He has, therefore, (not that it is very clear from the photo) hands bound with leather strips. He was a Spartan so I lengthened his hair with greenstuff to go with his long haired brother Castor, who I have already painted.

    Steve, it is surprise when the wargames figure's bust looks more natural than the real woman.

  6. Nice looking Argonauts.

    If the slave girls don't get you painting again, well, I don't know what will ;)