Wednesday, April 15, 2015

A repainting project...Copplestone Castings female jungle troopers

Following on from my recent visit to the Shed, I was inspired to dig out my Copplestone Castings Future Wars figures but was disappointed at how badly they were painted.  So I have decided to see if I can successfully repaint them.   Here they are in their 'before' state.

'Improved' Ruga-ruga

Now I haven't re-painted many figures.  In fact, I think I have only done some Darkest Africa ones, as they were around the first metal figures I painted back in 1998.  These were Ruga-ruga who were first painted in 1999 and then re-done in about 2008.

I painted these Future Wars figures when they came out in 2001, when I hadn't started to use static grass on bases. I had half-heartedly dry brushed their weapons with gunmetal (whereas modern weapons are black) and I was using my old skin shading technique.  The camouflage looks OK, though so I may not have to re-do that. These are lovely figures, so as long as the paint doesn't clog up the detail I will have a go at freshening them up.  

So these are the female troopers with an unpainted officer who I found in a surprisingly full drawer of unpainted Copplestone and Foundry Street Violence figures.  Like all the officers in this range she is taller than her troops.  In order to get involved with them I have to name them all, of course.  This will encourage me to give them the love they deserve!  Lets see if they end up improved!  

Left to right we have:

Lieutenant Betsy Johnson. Canada. 6'1" Joint Task Force 2. McGill University, St Hugh's College, Oxford University (Rowing Blue). Rhodes Scholar.

Sergeant Carolina Velasquez. Colombia. 5'7"  Agrupación de Fuerzas Especiales Antiterroristas Urbanas.  Former Colombian 63kg powerlifting champion.

Private Hildegard (Hildy) Greissman. Germany, 5'10" Kommando Spezialkräfte.  Bavarian kickboxing champion.

Lance Bombardier Kate Rowan. United Kingdom, 5'6" 29 Commando Regiment, Royal Artillery.  Sub 2 hour 35 minute marathon runner.

Corporal Paola Capelli.  Italy. 5'9"  2° Reggimento Alpini.  Free climber.

Private Ariella Ben-Ezra. Israel. 5'8" Israeli Defence Force Nachshol Reconnaissance Company.  Open water swimmer.

So we have a multi-national force to be deployed against terrorists, Russian criminal oligarchs (what do you mean that's tautologous?) unfriendly nations, alien invaders, undead warriors from the past, genetically altered humans and all sorts of other miscreants.  Not zombies, though!  I can't stand zombies!  I've also found a Foundry sniper who I will add to the team.

As the range suggests they are from slightly in the future and unlike the Foundry Street Violence figures, which appeared about the same time, their firearms are fictional.  In fact, some of them seem to be loosely based on the guns of the Colonial Marines from Aliens.

Anyway, a different sort of figures for me to work on! 


  1. Now that you've named them and given them playboy bio lines you really must freshen them up your shed jaunts will be all the better for it.

  2. Marvellous shall look forward to there fresh paintjobs. I tart up old jobs quite frequently its amazing how well our recent ones soon out shine the older ones.