Friday, April 22, 2016

The Days of King Monmouth by Ralph Mitchard

Not long ago Ralph Mitchard (of the Wars of Louis Quatorze blog) asked me if he could use a couple of photographs I took at a reenactment day at Loseley Park a few years ago.  They were for the second edition of his booklet, The Days of King Monmouth.  Now, as I have mentioned before, I have always had an interest in this battle as I used to regularly drive past the site of Sedgemoor on my way to visit my lovely redheaded girlfriend, J,  in Somerset.  Added to that, it is the battle featured at the beginning of Rafael Sabatin's Captain Blood, my favourite pirate novel.

Some of my photos!

Anyway, he kindly sent me a copy of the finished booklet (A4 48 pages) which arrived today and, needless to say, it has got me thinking about buying some figures for a skirmish.  I know a bit about the main battle but will read the rest of the booklet which describes some other actions.  You can buy it here and it is thoroughly recommended.

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