Monday, January 07, 2008

Blog Hit Parade Update: Revenge of the Cavegirls

" Alright, you've obviously got much bigger weapons, so I surrender!"

Well, it's happened. My Sudan blog has been overtaken in hits by Cavegirls in Fur Bikinis!

I set up the Sudan blog in August 2006 and put a counter on at the end of August 2007. Since then it has had 5322 visits. The Cavegirls blog went up in October 2006 but I didn't do much on it until recently. Again the counter went on in late August and today it's at 5860 visits.

On 22nd December I put on a daily counter and a map to show where people where looking at it and noticed the Cavegirls site went ballistic. I had over 400 hits in one day. My year end count was 4,796 for the Sudan Blog and 4,361 for the Cavegirls. But when I last counted on December 11th Cavegirls had only had 1527 visits in total so that means that I have had 3268 visits in 16 days. Now I am averaging about 200 hits a day compared with the Sudan blog's 25.

All this proves is that pictures of girls in little or no clothes are more popular than pictures of toy soldiers. I should have got a grant from a University and done it as one of those completely obvious studies academic organisations come out with when they are trying to publicise themselves.


  1. You should combine your Sudan and Cave-girl figures for a "Carry on up the Jungle" skirmish game!

  2. Ah, Valerie Leon in a fur bikini!

    I did work on a scenario for Mountain Men hunting beaver and discovering cavegirls instead! It was not appreciated by the rest of the club.