Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Demoted to Skirmishing

Crusader Irish

There are a couple of ranges of figures which I really like but haven't got time to produce a whole WAB Army of them. However, with a dozen a side and using the Games Workshop Lord of the Rings Battle Companies rules, which work really well for forces of six to 25 figures, then I could produce some worthwhile forces and maybe actually play some games. There are a few ranges that would particularly lend themselves to this.

Bronze Age Northern European

There was a big load of about 50 of these up on eBay recently and although I watched them carefully I didn't bid. This was because the spearmen really only come in a couple of poses whereas I like my Dark Ages (and for gaming purposes I count them more as this than Biblical) figures in varied looking units. The answer is to build up a couple of units of skirmishers from neighbouring villages I think. Using the battle companies rules you could work out a promotions table for warriors to earn horses and even a chariot etc. then I could get rid of the mass of spearmen which I have been picking up on eBay for the last year or so. Also Foundry are not featuring this range on the website any more which makes them tricky to order.

Dark Ages Irish

I like Crusader's Dark Ages Irish range but under WAB you need hundreds of them Whereas you could do some skirmishes between groups of Irish and the odd group of Viking or Saxon raider.

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