Monday, January 28, 2008

Painted figures for January

Although it's not technically the end of the month I only count whole weeks so my month ended on Sunday.

A good start to the year with 33 figures painted compared with last year's 18. It was a four week month so I am 9 figures ahead of schedule.

Sudan British 8
Sudan Beja 6
Lord of the Rings Gondor 6
Byzantine archers 8
GNW Swedes 5

The Byzantines weren't in my 2008 plan but all the others were.

Looking forward I have seven ECW figures to finish this weekend as I am actually playing a game at Guildford. I have five Early Saxons to do which will finish my first unit and I want to finish my first three Gladiators. Then I want to finish some of the half done figures on the workbench. A few Lord of the Rings characters, some Copplestone cavemen and cavegirls, a couple of Foundry swashbucklers and a few Perry Napoleonics. Enough to keep me going through February.

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